So many blogs and books I have read were birthed out a story where the author had a problem, they fixed the problem and now they’re telling you how to fix the problem in your own life. But what if you’re in your twenties and you haven’t really fixed much? What if you’re still seriously trying to figure it out? Do you seem to change everyday? You think you grasps a concept and then it slips through your fingers. This is your twenties. And you still have a voice here.

Lionhearted girl was birthed out of the desire to tell the stories that aren’t finished yet. We want to tell our own stories- starting in the middle. We didn’t just start, but we haven’t nearly finished.

I think it requires much more bravery to tell a story that is still waiting for an ending. We don’t really know how our adventure is going to end, but we can bring others along anyways. You don’t have to walk alone. You can bring others into the mess of NOW.  

And that is why Lionhearted girlis here. To remind you that you have a voice when you’re stuck in the middle. You still have something to say in the minutia of life. When you’re changing, failing, experimenting,learning and conquering. You aren’t alone there either. Others are duking it out with life just like you are. We are insecure some days and confident the next. We are put together and falling apart on the daily. We all have to go through our twenties and we are all just wanting to make it out alive.

So, heres to you. The girls stuck in the middle of their own story. Here's to the ones making moves and making lattes. To the ones putting their hearts out there and getting them broken. Here's to the doers and the nappers. To the girls who have no idea what's coming next but walk forward anyways. 

This is to the girl who is learning who she is everyday. To the one who is looking for her tribe and the right pair of heels to give her that “executive presence” everyone is telling her she needs more of. 

Here’s to the girls who are trying. You are the Lionhearted ones. 

Lionhearted girl was birthed out of my own desire to tell my story starting in the middle. If I was always waiting until my story had a little red ribbon tied around it, the story would never get told. Thats just the way my twenties have been working out for me. Always changing and ever evolving. Its aggressive, and fun; terrifying and lovely.  I don’t want to be alone in all of this. So I am vowing to you, to tell my story starting where I actually am. If it's been a great week or a terrible one. I will do my best to dive into anything and everything that I love at the moment without fear that someone else will think its dumb or out of my niché. I will keep walking forward, some days brave some days not so much. And on the not brave days, I vow to you to be honest about that. With my tribe and with you. Because you aren’t alone in your messy years. I am learning to be Lionhearted. To me, that means:

I am Honest

I am Brave

I am Trying

I am Smart

I am Lovely

I am Kind

I am Understanding

I am Ambitious

I am learning to be humble and still unapologetically myself. I won’t be perfect and neither will you. But we can be honest and help each other through it all.

So, cheers to us! Lets kick some booty.